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a better way to do health care.


DPC Advantage

  • No Co-Pays

  • Access to your physician face-to-face, phone, text, and email.

  • Same or next day visits with extended 30-60 minute appointments

  • Small patient load means more time for our members

  • Access to low-cost labs and procedures

  • Discounted prescriptions purchased in the office

Monthly Fees Include:

  • Wellness visits (Physical)

  • Sick visits

  • In-house labs

  • Spirometry 

  • Hearing and vision screening

  • Simple laceration repair ($30 supply fee)

  • Skin tag removal

  • EKG

  • Skin biopsy (pathology fee extra; if stitches required, $30 supply fee)

  • Pap smear (pathology fee extra)


A one-time $75 enrollment fee will be due at the time of enrollment.​



AGES 5-19*: $29/mo

AGES 20+: $125/mo

*Children must be enrolled with an adult member.


What is direct

primary care?

Are you tired of long waits, surprise medical expenses, and insurance companies dictating your health care? Then Devoted Family Practice might be right for you! Direct primary care is a new model of health care that removes the intrusion of third parties and puts the focus where it belongs: the doctor-patient relationship.

At Devoted Family Practice, your health care will never be bound up in red tape or interfered with by an insurance company. You simply pay a low monthly membership fee, and then enjoy all the conveniences we offer like longer appointment times, no waiting, and zero co-pays. As a patient of Devoted, you will also have access to low-cost labs and prescriptions at cost. Access to Dr. Kapur will be convenient for you, whether you need a face-to-face visit or a quick question answered via phone, text, or email. 

You'll experience a whole new kind of health care at Devoted Family Practice!

Our Mission

To optimize your health and well-being with high quality, affordable and personalized healthcare. 



Neeti 1.jpg

Dr. Neeti Kapur moved to Fayetteville, NC with her family in 2013, and embraced the loving communities of Fayetteville and Spring Lake. Dr. Kapur is a Board Certified Family Physician, with a special interest in Homeopathy and complete patient wellness.


Dr. Kapur graduated with High Distinction from the University of Toronto and went on do to research on atherosclerosis and inflammation at the State University of New York, Buffalo. She completed a Masters of Science and Doctorate of Medicine from Chicago Medical school/Rosalind Franklin University. She completed her residency training at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chicago where she served as Chief Executive resident in her final year and received the Roger Nosal award for leadership excellence.


Dr. Kapur remained in Chicago and practiced as a Family Physician as well as teaching attending to the residency program at which she trained. While in Chicago, Dr. Kapur became interested in homeopathy and received formal training through the CEDH. Now in North Carolina, Dr. Kapur is eager to continue helping patients  understand their illness, and that medicine goes beyond simply giving a prescription. Trained in treating pediatrics, adults and the geriatric population, Dr. Kapur offers genuine physician-patient relationships focusing on diligent medicine, nutritional counseling and stress management techniques. Her mission is to empower patients to optimize their health and wellness so they can be their own best healer!



Get in touch for more information or to schedule your telemedicine consultation.

Call or text Dr. Kapur at (910) 302-6529

Fax: 919-646-9616


Located at:
4140 Ferncreek Dr. Suite 501 Fayetteville, NC 28314

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