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One-time Telemedicine Visit

One-time telemed
One-tim concierge

Lifestyle Consultation

Have you ever thought of exploring lifestyle medicine or complementary medicine, but are just not sure how to proceed. You may know that changes are needed to better your health, but it’s not more pills and prescriptions. Where do you go for guidance and education? How do you understand how to optimize your health. 


I am offering a ‘Lifestyle’ consult where we go in depth to answer some of these questions and explore avenues for your health optimization. The reason why is simple: I practice medicine by looking at the WHOLE individual and everything that is a part of their lifestyle-this is where I find TRUE change happens. After my training in a traditional family practice residency, I quickly realized the limits of my training when trying to optimize my patient’s well being. I could not get them ‘to the optimal health’ by simply using western medicine. That’s when I began searching and learning about nutritional medicine, homeopathy and stress management techniques. If your health is not where you want it to be and you are willing to learn about other modalities, call to schedule a consultation and let’s talk!

Monthly telmed membershp

Monthly Telemedicine Membership

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